“Ninja Mastery” started as group coaching for Realtors and has evolved into training & accountability for agents that have participated in the full-day Ninja Selling Program, a Ninja Selling Retreat, or the Ninja Installation. It is an intensive one-year program where a Certified Ninja Master Instructor will come to your office/company 4 times a year for an interactive all-day live session and meet with the agents on the other 8 months via live webinar for 1.5 hours.

Through group discussion, agents are exposed to how the Ninja Selling concepts are being applied successfully across the country. Each student receives a personalized manual with monthly lesson plans; students are expected to make the commitment of completing specific activities between sessions.

The first year of group coaching covers the following topics:

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Ninja Master.

Terri is a Certified Residential Specialist, whose passion and primary focus have been training, coaching and mentoring both new and experienced agents through state-of-the art communication and marketing concepts.
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